Mail & Telephone Order Credit Card Processing

                      Take orders by mail or phone and get the same unbeatable rates.

                      Mail and telephone order processing often means with a higher rate because the card is not present. That means keeping costs down can be difficult.

                      However, with BLUEDOG’s integrations and virtual terminal, handling mail or telephone debit and credit transactions are just as simple and affordable as traditional payment processing.


                      NO PCI FEE

                      NO IRS REPORTING FEE

                      fREE NEXT DAY FUNDING

                      24/7 Customer Care


                      Interchange+, also known as pass through, is often the lowest cost option for most businesses.

                      Cash Discount

                      Pass the cost of credit card processing on to your customer with our cash discount program.


                      Our Flat-Rate plan keeps it simple with a low per-transaction cost and a low monthly fee.

                      High Risk

                      Find a solution and rate plan that makes sense for your business now, and in the future.

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