Reporting & Analytics

                      with the

                      With the all new, our merchants get full access to a suite of small business solutions, as well as detailed reporting on transaction status, transaction type, customer records, inventory management, and expenses.

                      CommonAssets - PaymentOptions

                      Electronic Invoicing

                      Generate new quotes, convert to invoices, track late payments, and send reminders from our easy to use dashboard.

                      Firearms - Graph-7

                      Detailed Reporting

                      Get real-time access to payment and inventory data. Run reports, track expenses, and keep track of outstanding invoices.


                      Mobile Ready

                      Accept payments, send invoices, log expenses, manage inventory, and more from virtually any internet connected device.



                      Secure transactions and PCI compliant cloud storage ensure both your data and your customer’s data is always safe.


                      Get more done with fewer tools.

                      The Do-It-All
                      Merchant Hub.

                      Running a small business is hard enough, and relying on a patchwork of tools makes the easiest task unnecessarily time consuming.

                      So, why not do it all from one place?

                      That’s why we built the all new

                      Intuitive features make billing customers, accepting payments, tracking expenses, and managing customers, easier than ever.

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                      Merchant Insights

                      The all new makes the boring parts of your job easy, so you can focus on what you love.
                      Effortlessly monitor sales growth, keep track of inventory levels, & see where every penny is spent.


                      Transaction Reporting

                      Detailed transaction data lets you identify trends, check transaction statuses, and easily identify abnormal transactions.?


                      Expense Tracking

                      Know exactly where your money is going by tracking expenses in-app, import existing expense records, create new ones, or set up recurring expenses. Easily organize by type, and attach supporting documents, like receipts, or invoices.?


                      Customer Profiles

                      Securely manage all of your customer contact, link transactions, invoices, and payment information.?


                      Inventory Management

                      Easily import and track inventory volume, wholesale costs, organize by tags, set up SKUs, assign tax rates, and more.?

                      Benefits of BLUEDOG

                      Exceptional Rates???|??Dedicated Account Management???|??Developer-Friendly Integration

                      CommonAssets - NoObligation

                      All Plans Include

                      ? No IRS Reporting Fee

                      ? Free Next-Day Funding

                      ? 24/7 Merchant Support

                      CommonAssets - CCPayment-Interchange


                      Interchange+, also known as pass-through or wholesale, is often the lowest cost option for high-volume businesses.

                      CommonAssets - CCPayment-CashDiscount

                      Cash Discount

                      Reduce the cost of doing business & pass credit card processing fees on to your customers with a cash discount program.

                      CommonAssets - CCPayment-FlatRate


                      Flat-rate pricing keeps it simple. Our program allows you to accept credit cards at a lower rate than PayPal, Square, Stripe.

                      CommonAssets - CCPayment-HighRisk


                      We understand that every business is different. Don’t let being “high-risk” cost you thousands in credit card processing.?

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